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Ratings color scale recalculation in XVM 6.4.0

Another scheduled recalculation of the ratings’ color scale has been done.

The XVM color scale is based on the statistics of all RU region players, who have at least 1000 battles in total and at least 1 battle in the last 90 days.

The scale is always set according with the percentage of players with certain values, and is defined with the following colors:

Red Orange Yellow Green Turquoise Violet
Amount of players: 20% 40% 30% 9% 0,9% 0.1%
Percentile: from 0% to 20% from 20% to 60% from 60 % to 90% from 90% to 99% from 99% to 99.9% from 99.9% to 100%

Thus, “green” are the TOP-10% players, “turquoise” are the TOP-1% and “violet” are the TOP-0,1%

Different color borderlines are the rating values for the corresponding percentage numbers.
Global statistics of the players change quite slowly in general and for most values recalculation is done once a several months.
WN8 rating statistics is recalculated with every update of the expected values table, which is used in the rating’s calculation (which usually happens with every WoT update).
This time, the WN8 rating borders increased quite dramatically as the rating developers made significant changes in the expected values table, which resulted in a notable increase of the rating for most players.

From version 6.4.0 the ratings color scale looks like this:


Got questions? We recommend the “Ratings in XVM” section for reading on the official XVM support forum. You can ask any questions there as well.