XVM 3.1.1: New Features, New Distribution Form

XVM 3.1.1 for World of Tanks 0.8.1. is now available.
Previously, the mod was distributed in two forms: XVM-Full and XVM-Lite.
Starting with 3.3.1, XVM will be released in a “lite” version, with the option of adding the statistics module – XVM-stat.exe.
XVM: is now the base modification for controlling visual elements in the gaming interface and includes only flash files (.swf), or what was previously names XVM-Lite.  XVM-stat: is now an additional module that lets you display player statistics (a module that needs to be added to XVM in order to get the older version known as XVM-Full).
Version 3.1.1 changes:

  * XVM is now distributed as only the Lite version, without statistics
* the statistics module has been renamed to xvm-stat and is distributed as a separate package
* HTML support is available in all text fields, including vehicle markers
* chance to win is now disabled by default
* Sixth Sense "lamp" now included in examples
* updated the {{turret}} tag for old and new vehicles
* stock turret marker added to config by default (after the vehicle name) 
* improved scrolling damage animation
* default font for scrolling damage is now the same as used by the client
* new color settings section added to the config file: "colors"/"damage", allows for setting damage color based on source
* added section "colors"/"dmg_kind" to the config
* added macro {{c:dmg_kind}} for dynamic color based on damage type
* added new section "hitLog" to the damage log in the config
* negative numbers for x, y in the damage log settings allow for aligning text in the right and lower edges, so that the config works for various screen resolutions. This will only work if you are running xvm-stat!