XVM 6.8.2 for World of Tanks

New version: XVM 6.8.2 for World of Tanks


  * Bootcamp: does not work. Run WoT without mods to enter in bootcamp mode.
  * Microsoft Windows XP: crash to desktop on battle loading if graphics mode is standard.

  * World of Tanks 9.19.1 micropatch 2

  * added the macro {{py:xvm.color_rating(r, v)}}
  * totalEfficiency: added the macro {{py:xvm.hitAlly}}

  * added option "showCellClickAnimation" - allow to disable cell click animation

  * added macros {{mystat.*}} with own statistics values
  * added event:
      ON_MY_STAT_LOADED - emitted when own stat loading complete, useful for {{mystat.*}} macros