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XVM 7.0.2 for World of Tanks 0.9.20

New version: XVM 7.0.2 for World of Tanks 0.9.20.


* Microsoft Windows XP: crash to desktop on battle loading if graphics mode is standard.

* fix XVM version detection

* fix battle initialization

* added rating WTR
* added macros:
{{wtr}}, {{xwtr}}, {{c:wtr}}, {{c:xwtr}}, {{a:wtr}}, {{a:xwtr}},
{{mystat.wtr}}, {{mystat.xwtr}}, {{mystat.c_wtr}}, {{mystat.c_xwtr}}
* added config sections:
* updated color and alpha values boundaries for all ratings
* color and alpha values boundaries for XVM scale are updated automatically every day
* removed rating WN6
* removed macros:
{{wn6}}, {{xwn6}}, {{c:wn6}}, {{c:xwn6}}, {{a:wn6}}, {{a:xwn6}},
{{mystat.wn6}}, {{mystat.xwn6}}, {{mystat.c_wn6}}, {{mystat.c_xwn6}}
* removed config sections:

* updated texts/battletype section with text replacements for {{battletype}} macro

* added macros {{py:upper('str')}}, {{py:lower('str')}}, {{py:capitalize('str')}} and {{py:title('str')}}