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XVM 7.3.0 for World of Tanks

New version: XVM 7.3.0 for World of Tanks


* Possible game client crash when leaving the battle
  * To minimize crash possibility, markers were disabled by default.
  * Microsoft Windows XP: crash to desktop on battle loading if graphics mode is standard.

* World of Tanks

* macros {{v.wtr}}, {{v.xwtr}}, {{v.c_xwtr}}, {{v.a_xwtr}} are turned off due to difficult implementation
* added macros in carousel:
{{v.camouflageSummer}} – value ‘summer’ if summer camouflage installed
{{v.camouflageWinter}} – value ‘winter’ if winter camouflage installed
{{v.camouflageDesert}} – value ‘desert’ if desert camouflage installed
{{v.camouflageCount}} – count of camouflages installed
* vehicle macros {{v.*}} works in widgets for current vehicle

* mouseEvents can be used in hangar widgets