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You can support the development of the XVM project!
XVM is being developed by a small team of enthusiasts.
We spend our time and resources making regular updates and keeping the mod free.
Your support will help us with these goals.

Download XVM

XVM — is the most popular World of Tanks mod with a long history and many options for fine-tuning and customizing the game.

On this page you can download XVM for free and track the release of new mod versions.

Download XVM Size Compilation date
XVM (installer)
For World of Tanks (RU), (EU, NA, ASIA)
21.64 MiB
XVM (archive)
For World of Tanks (RU), (EU, NA, ASIA)
20.88 MiB

Previous versions can be found in this support forum thread.

If you have programming skills, you can greatly help by sending your fixes and improvements to the XVM repository on GitLab. If you have any questions at all regarding XVM development, feel free to ask them in the development section of the forum!

If you have encountered an issue, please let us know in the forums so we can fix it.

Your detailed bug reports help us identify and fix issues faster.

Please Note

If you want to use XVM statistics, you need to activate web services in your personal account on the official XVM website.

We recommend only downloading XVM from the official mod website: modxvm.com

By downloading XVM from third party sources or as part of mod packs from unknown sources, you risk the security of your PC and personal data.

Also, downloading from third party sources risks getting a corrupted or misconfigured mod.