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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where to download XVM?

The official website for the XVM mod is located at ModXVM.com.

All the latest versions of the mod are published on the official download page immediately after their release.
We recommend bookmarking this page to stay updated and always use the latest version of the mod.

Please note:

We do not recommend downloading XVM from third-party sources. By downloading XVM from sources other than the official website, you risk compromising the security of your PC. Additionally, there is a possibility of downloading a corrupted or improperly configured mod when using third-party sources.

This is how the correct XVM website address looks in the browser

Always verify the source address of the files you’re downloading, and do not download XVM if the source address differs from modxvm.com.

How to enable statistics and other network services in XVM

To use the XVM network services, such as player statistics, sharing information with allies, comments, and renaming contacts, you need to activate them in your personal account on the official XVM website.

How to configure XVM?

XVM configuration files are special files in the .xc format containing your settings. You can edit them using any text editor, such as Visual Studio Code or Notepad++.

If you have any questions regarding configuring XVM, ask them on the support forum in the “XVM Configuration Questions” section.

You can also use ready-made XVM configurations from other users published in the dedicated section of the official mod support forum.

My statistics are not displayed. How many battles do I need to play for it to appear in XVM?

You need to play at least 100 battles on your account before XVM starts collecting and displaying your statistics.

How often are player statistics updated on the XVM server?

Currently, the XVM statistics server follows this update schedule:

  1. XVM users who support the XVM project on Patreon are placed in a priority update queue every hour.
  2. Other XVM users are queued for updates at least once every 3 days.
  3. All other players are queued for updates no less than once every 7 days.

The time it takes to update players from the queue depends on the queue load and the WG/Lesta API server load, ranging from a few seconds to several days.

How is a player’s statistics calculated?

XVM supports numerous statistical metrics for in-game display.

Detailed information about rating systems and calculation formulas can be found in the “Statistics in XVM” section on the support forum, where you can also ask any related questions.

How to add our clan’s icon in XVM?

By default, XVM only displays clan icons for the following categories:

  • Top 50 clans by wGM rating (Global Map rating)
  • Top 50 clans by wSH rating (Stronghold rating)
  • Official clan icons of the game developer company

Therefore, to display your clan’s icon in XVM, your clan needs to become one of the top 50 clans in either the wGM or wSH ratings.

If your clan has recently reached a top position in the ratings, but its icon is not yet displayed, you simply need to wait. Clan icons are updated automatically (every 3 hours), and no additional action is required.

If you have joined a top clan, but the icon is still not displayed for you, you need to wait for your statistics to update. You can speed up this process by clicking the “Update Statistics” button in your personal account on the official XVM website.

You can also change the number of displayed top clan icons in your personal account, increasing it up to the top 1000 clans.

I want my icon to be added to XVM, and I’m willing to pay for it. Who should I contact?

You don’t need to contact anyone; we do not sell icon inclusions in XVM. If you’ve heard about such a service, you’ve been misinformed.

If the possibility of paid icon display becomes available in XVM, it will be announced separately and for all users. Stay tuned for news.

Currently, the only way to get your icon added to the XVM icon pool is by becoming a top clan.

What is the principle for adding flags in XVM?

The list of flags is formed based on two sources:

  1. The list of game client languages for World of Tanks across all regions.
  2. Flags of all United Nations member states.

If a language or country is not represented in either of these lists, its flag will not be added to XVM.
Flags of internal subdivisions, unrecognized states, and dependent territories are not planned for inclusion.

Can I keep the standard markers from the game developers while using XVM?

Yes, you can, but the standard World of Tanks game markers do not support embedding additional text fields. In other words, if you use the standard markers, you won’t be able to add player statistics or other non-standard information directly above a player’s tank.

If you want to use the standard markers, in the markers.xc file, in the markers options block, replace "enabled": true, with "enabled": false,

What do the asterisk * or apostrophe ' after the tank name in markers mean?

These symbols appear in markers only if the tank has a “stock” turret installed. Specifically:

  • The * symbol is displayed if the tank has a “stock” turret that cannot mount a “top” gun.
  • The ' symbol is displayed if the tank has a “stock” turret that can mount a “top” gun.
I see “squares” instead of text. How do I fix this?

Your system does not have the fonts used in your configuration installed. Change the font to one that is available in your system, or install the missing font (often, configuration authors include font files along with their settings).

How to add a custom “Sixth Sense” perk icon?

To replace the “Sixth Sense” perk image, place your PNG image in /res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res/SixthSense.png

Please note that the file must be in PNG format.

You can find examples of ready-made icons in this topic on the official support forum.

How to change the font in XVM text fields using HTML?

You can use the following attributes for the <font></font> tag:

  • color – defines the text color
  • face – defines the font
  • size – defines the text size

Example usage:

<font face='Consolas' size='10' color='#666'>{{winrate}}</font>

In this example, the player’s overall win rate is displayed in the Consolas font, reduced to size 10, and colored gray (#666 is the RGB color value).

How to use a custom image in text fields with HTML support?

To use a custom image in text fields, you need to use the <img> tag.

The <img> tag allows embedding external image files (JPEG, GIF, PNG) or SWF files in text fields and supports the following attributes:

src     - specifies the path to the image or SWF file. This is a required attribute; all other attributes are optional. External files (JPEG, GIF, PNG, and SWF) are displayed only after they have finished loading.
width - the width of the embedded image or SWF file, specified in pixels.
height - the height of the embedded image or SWF file, specified in pixels.
align - sets the horizontal alignment within the text field. Permitted values are left (left-aligned) and right (right-aligned). The default value is left.
hspace - sets the amount of space surrounding the image horizontally where text is not displayed. The default value is 8.
vspace - sets the amount of space surrounding the image vertically where text is not displayed. The default value is 8.

Example usage:

<img src="img://../xvm/res/icons/xvm/16x16t.png">

Using this code, you will display the file located at the following path in the text field: