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How to Enable Statistics and Other XVM Network Services

XVM Network Services – these are additional mod features that require access to the XVM server, such as:

  • Player statistics
  • Data exchange with allies (XMQP)
  • Notes and nickname changes for contacts
  • Clan icons
  • Player flags

Enabling Network Services

To use XVM network services, you need to activate them in your personal account on the official XVM website: ModXVM.com

To do this, click the “Login” button in the top right corner of the screen and go through the secure authentication process via OpenID:

After logging in, click the “Activate Services” button in the settings section:

Now you will see the expiration date of your access to network services. You can renew it for free at any time:

To complete the activation, log into the game with the same account for which you activated the services.

The following network services are currently available:


In-game player statistics

Player statistics displayed in battle interface
Player statistics on loading screen

Player statistics in Service Record

Display of player ratings in Service Record

Ally data exchange (XMQP)

XMQP is a convenient and very useful interactive service that provides the exchange of additional information with allies.

For example, thanks to XMQP you can draw on the minimap, see the status of an overturned ally who needs your help, or find out about the triggering of a teammate’s “sixth sense” skill.

Contact comments and renaming

The service allows you to add custom notes to players, categorize contacts into groups, and change the displayed nickname.

Example of a comment and changed nickname in contacts list
Example of categorizing contacts into groups (early concept)