Update on the statistics website

The statistics website has undergone significant changes: “under the hood” it was rewritten and localized from scratch, without looking back to the old implementation. Thus, many problems of the previous version were fixed, but at the same time, others that…

New features for our Patreon supporters!

As you might already know, you can now financially support the development of the XVM project at Patreon. We are pleased to announce that we are working on additional features specifically for those who support the project.

XVM 8.1.0 for World of Tanks

New version: XVM 8.1.0 for World of Tanks Download XVM-8.1.0: [GENERAL] * World of Tanks [BATTLE] * removed option: “battle”/”showPostmortemDogtag” [HANGAR] * removed option: “hangar”/”showDogtagWidget” [KNOWN ISSUES] * XVM is not compatible with the 64-bit version of the client

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