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Updated statistics section on XVM website

The statistics website has undergone significant changes: “under the hood” it was rewritten and localized from scratch, without looking back to the old implementation.

Thus, many problems of the previous version were fixed, but at the same time, others that had not previously been encountered could appear. Therefore, we ask you to report any problems noted in this topic.

Here are some page examples (Team Clash participants):

Some differences from the previous version:


  1. More easy-to-read date formats
  2. For screens with a high pixel density, higher resolution images are used (not yet everywhere, improvements are planned)
  3. URLs changed: service prefix ‘stat’ replaced by ‘stats’. Old URLs are automatically redirected to new
  4. Fixed an issue where some players received the error “No player with this ID was found in our database,” while in fact, they were in the database.
  5. Pages are now compressed for better loading speed on slow connections and mobile devices


  1. Fixed some bugged data (K/D charts)
  2. Data on Italian vehicles added to radar charts
  3. The fractional part was added for numbers where greater accuracy is needed and removed where it is not needed.


  1. Simplified charts animation for better performance
  2. Chart lines are no longer interrupted if data is missing at intermediate points
  3. Changed the behavior of tooltips on charts for more convenient reading of data from neighboring points
  4. Reworked information on tooltips on charts for easier reading
  5. Changed the line interpolation method in graphs to more accurately represent sharply changed data
  6. Session data is now available on more charts (KD, DR)
  7. Added the ability to hide lines on charts for a more detailed inspection of individual datasets


  1. Large numbers in the tables are formatted with spaces between every group of thousands for easy reading
  2. Fixed incorrect display of Marks of Mastery (class 1 and class 3) in the vehicles table
  3. Added icons of nations and classes of vehicles
  4. Added display of the last clan in history for cases when a player has not left the current clan (information about the current clan is incomplete, improvements are planned).
  5. Fixed display of the clan history section if the player was not in a clans
  6. Added emblems to the clans history


  1. Fixed a problem with randomly changing the display language of the page
  2. Localized vehicle names
  3. All localization terms now match WG terminology

… and many other less noticeable changes.