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XVM Installation and Settings

In this article, you will learn how to install the XVM mod and configure it.

First, download XVM from the download page.

You can choose either the automatic installer or the archive for manual installation.

  • If you downloaded the automatic installer, run it and follow the instructions.
  • If you downloaded the zip archive, open it and extract the files from the folder corresponding to your game client to the game folder:
    • wg for players in the NA (North America), EU (Europe), ASIA regions
    • lesta for players in the RU (Russia) region

Done! The modification is installed and ready to work with the built-in settings.

You may want to customize XVM to your liking or enable additional mod features.

Enabling Network Services (Statistics and Others)

Activation of statistics and other network services of XVM is described in detail in the article “XVM Network Services“.

Configuring XVM

To configure your freshly installed XVM yourself, in the /res_mods/configs/xvm/ folder, rename the file xvm.xc.sample to xvm.xc.

When xvm.xc is missing, the standard settings built into the mod are used.

Inside the xvm.xc file, you’ll find the path to the active settings file. By default, it points to the default/@xvm.xc file, which, in turn, references all other configuration files.

To prevent your settings from being overridden with each XVM update, rename the default folder to any other convenient name for you and update the path specified in the xvm.xc file. For example, if you renamed the folder to MyConfig, in the xvm.xc file, replace the line




Now you can edit the configuration files in your new MyConfig folder.

Instructions are located in the comments inside the configuration files.

Open them with any convenient text editor, such as Visual Studio Code or Notepad++, read the comments for the options, and configure XVM to your taste 😊

If you have any questions during the configuration process, feel free to ask them on the support forum in the “XVM Configuration Questions” section.

Also, don’t forget to share your cool and convenient settings with other users! Post them in the “Ready to Use XVM Configurations” section, and many other users will thank you 🤗

Ready to Use XVM Configurations

You can also use ready-to-use configurations from active mod users. Such configurations are published and updated in a special section of the support forum: “Ready to Use XVM Configurations“.

If you have any additional questions about the XVM mod, check out the answers to frequently asked questions and feel free to visit the official XVM user support forum. Before creating question threads, read this thread. It will help you understand how to properly format your questions to get answers as quickly as possible.