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XVM is being developed by a small team of enthusiasts.
We spend our time and resources making regular updates and keeping the mod free.
Your support will help us with these goals.

New features for our Patreon supporters!

As you might already know, you can now financially support the development of the XVM project at Patreon.

We are pleased to announce that we are working on additional features specifically for those who support the project.

First of all, we plan to implement what we cannot do for our entire user base due to technical and financial constraints, but we can do for a limited number of users.

For those who support us on Patreon, it’s already available:

  • For monthly donations starting from $1:
    • Automatic update of statistics every hour.
      Note: for ordinary users, automatic updates occur every 3 days.
  • For monthly donations starting from $5:
    • Automatic renewal of service activation
      Note: if you supported us at Patreon even before this announcement, then this feature is available to you regardless of the amount of your monthly donation (thank you ?).

To take advantage of these features, link your Patreon account with your account on the XVM website:

In the future, we plan to add other features for our Patrons, so stay tuned!

Thanks for your support!