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XVM 7.6.3 for World of Tanks

New version: XVM 7.6.3 for World of Tanks


  * added option "hangar"/"restoreBattleType" - restore selected battle type on switching to another server
  * added option in "hangar"/"pingServers" and "hangar"/"onlineServers":
    "currentServerFormat" - html format for current server
  * removed option in "hangar"/"pingServers" and "hangar"/"onlineServers":
    "markCurrentServer" - replaced with "currentServerFormat"
  * added option "login"/"disabledServers" - do not show the specified servers in the servers list

  * fixed display of tooltips in battle
  * added option "tooltips"/"hideTooltips" - list of tooltips to hide
  * added option "tooltips"/"logLocalization" - log all localization keys to the xvm.log file

  * World of Tanks nanopatch 2
  * changed structure of the settings cache files, need to re-configure the filters and tanks in reserve.

  * implemented WoT functions offset cache.
  * improved Python/C compatibility

  * fixes in hangar filters
  * removed useless tooltip in players panel

  * World of Tanks

  * damageLog: disabled panel in the frontline mode
  * damageLog: fix macros {{costShell}} and {{c:costShell}}

  * fixed old replays playback
  * fixed reload timer position
  * player profile: fixed xTE column
  * implemented HTTP-proxy support through environment variable XVM_HTTP_PROXY=https://[login:password@]domain.com:3128