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XVM 7.6.4 for World of Tanks

New version: XVM 7.6.4 for World of Tanks


  * World of Tanks

  * added fixes for Autodesk Scaleform crashes
  * fixed crash in case when there is ping or online counters in lobby
  * added updated Microsoft Universal CRT and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable versions

  * added section "hangar"/"notificationCounter" - show/hide notifications counters in the main menu
  * added options:
      "hangar"/"showCreateSquadButtonText" - show "Create squad" text on the squad creation button
      "hangar"/"showBattleTypeSelectorText" - show selected battle mode text
      "hangar"/"showPromoPremVehicle" - disable display promo of premium vehicle (on the background in the hangar)

  * added options in the "playersPanel" modes sections:
      "rankBadgeAlpha" - transparency of the rank badge