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Vehicle Markers (OverTargetMarkers)

OverTargetMarkers в XVM
Vehicle Markers (OverTargetMarkers) in XVM: User configuration samples.

Vehicle Markers (sometimes called OverTargetMarkers, a previous, similar mod) – is one of the main functions of XVM, and was initially created for that purpose.

Vehicle markers are a significant part the battle interface, as they provide critical information about the status of the particular vehicle above which they are located.

User-friendly and informative marker settings allow for rapid evaluation of the match situation and battle orientation, which is why so many configuration authors devote special attention to their configuration.

In the illustration in this section, you can see a wide variety of configurations representing numerous style choices, as well as information prioritization.

Marker configuration contains a large amount of parameters, allowing for a high level of customization. The main ones are:

  • Tank class icon
  • Health Bar
  • Scrolling damage (and ammo rack message)
  • Tank model icon
  • Clan or player icon
  • Tank tier (level)
  • Action Marker (Calls for help, attack, etc.)
  • Free text field with HTML support and a wide selection of macros

XVM allows you to configure different markers depending on the status of a vehicle.

Battle status:

  • Dead
  • Alive


  • Ally
  • Enemy

Key Mapping:

  • Default
  • Expanded (Alt key)

You can use HTML and CSS classes for configuring the style of textfields. Special macros can also be used to expand available information. You can find all available macro in readme (res_mods/xvm/doc/readme-en.txt)