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About the problems with WN8

In recent times, the most common question about WN8 has been the difference of its values in the XVM and on the third-party sites. We repeatedly answered that questions and decided that it would be better to collect key information about the problem in one message.

One important thing you need to know before we start: We(XVM Team) are not developers of the WN8 rating and we have nothing to do with them.

Why WN8 in XVM is different from those on some third-party websites?
XVM uses table of expected values v.29.1. It’s the latest available correct table. Some other websites uses table v.30, which is incorrect. It can’t even be called WN8.

Why table v.30 is incorrect?
WN8 is not static formula. It also uses a table of expected values which must be collected and updated in strict accordance with the methodology which was created by WN8 developers.
Unfortunately, formula developers no longer support their expected value table.
However, there are some enthusiasts who decided to fill the table manually, but not in accordance with the methodology by WN8 developers. I.e. instead of filling the table on the basis of real statistics, they adding values “by hand”, mostly copying them from other tanks.
In fact, the rating calculated on the basis of the v.30 table can not be called WN8, because the fundamental bases of the calculation are violated.

What will be with WN8 in future?
At this moment there is no answer. WN8 is dying. The values which some sites shows under “WN8” name in fact is not WN8 at all.
If in the near future no one is going to collect the correct values for WN8, it can be excluded from the XVM.
Of course, we considered collecting expected values on our side. This could solve both the problem of correctness and a rare update of the table (and therefore sharp gap in the rating with every update), but with a detailed investigation of the WN8’s developers method we found out out that collecting of values cannot be fully automated and requires manual control, which is inadmissible in our case.

I’m used WN8 for a long time. Which rating should I look at now?
In addition to WGR, EFF, WN6 also pay attention to the xTE rating.
But as well as before, we do not recommend a certain rating, but leave this choice for you.
The current WN8 values in the XVM are also still correct for the absolute majority of players, but do not take into account the results on some new vehicles.
We’re also looking for a ratings which are not suffering from the disadvantages of WN8, and we can consider adding them to the mod.

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