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Important update of WN8

You probably already noticed a significant change in your WN8 rating. In this article we will explain the reasons for these changes, as well as improvements in the rating.

WN8 is not only a static formula, but also a set of expected values that are based on the overall server statistics of all active players. So even if you do not play, your rating may change slightly over time due to changes in the overall server statistics and recalculation of expected values.

However, for a long time (in the last half a year) the expected values for WN8 have not been updated. We wrote more about this problem earlier. Since the developers of the WN8 formula stopped the correct recalculation of the expected values, we decided to fix the problem on our own, and today we are ready to present you with an experimental solution.

We have fully automated the calculation of the expected values for WN8, retaining the original methodology of the authors of the rating.

Also are several differences that significantly affect the quality of the calculation:

  1. In past the recalculation of the tables was made rather rarely (once a few months), which led to sharp gaps in the rating after recalculation. Of course, it was an unpleasant and weird situation for ordinary players. We will recalculate the expected values daily, which solves both the problem of sharp changes in the rating and problem with obsolete data.
  2. We use a much larger player statistics database than the one was used in calculations by the authors of WN8, so we can make more accurate and reliable calculations.
  3. Unfortunately in past the authors of the expected values tables allowed themselves some liberties and pranks with the expected values such as manual manipulations in order to troll audience. We consider this unacceptable and since the calculation of tables now is under our full control we can be sure that there are no manual manipulations. Our priority is correct data.

The current table of expected values is now available on this page.

If you still see old WN8, just wait. Updating stats of all players can take some time.

If you want to discuss that changes, please refer to this topic on our official support forums.

For third-party developers:

If you want to use the current tables of expected WN8 values by XVM in your project, you can get them at the following URLs.

Pre-Compressed (gzip):

JSON (gzip): https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/json/wn8exp.json.gz
CSV (gzip):  https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/csv/wn8exp.csv.gz

Not compressed (unless the client requests a compressed version via the Accept-Encoding HTTP header)

JSON: https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/json/wn8exp.json
CSV: https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/csv/wn8exp.csv

It’s best to always use compression to reduce traffic and speed up request times for your users.

Pay attention to the mandatory use of the secure https protocol in your requests.