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Notice for third-party developers: URLs changed

If you’re using json/csv/gz files from stat.modxvm.com in your project (WN8 expected values, XVM scales, etc.), you need to update links in your applications. New domain: static.modxvm.com

WN8 expected values:

JSON gz: https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/json/wn8exp.json.gz
JSON:    https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/json/wn8exp.json
CSV gz:  https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/csv/wn8exp.csv.gz
CSV:     https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/csv/wn8exp.csv

XVM scales:

JSON gz: https://static.modxvm.com/xvmscales.json.gz
JSON:    https://static.modxvm.com/xvmscales.json

Old URLs will be available until next WoT release.
Then, all static files from old domain will redirect you to new location with HTTP code 301 until 31 december.
After 31 december old URLs will be completely disabled.